The Enemy That Lives Within - Radio Ballads

    Part of the BBC Radio 2 2006 Radio Ballads documentary series. In the late 1950s Ewan MacColl and Charles Parker produced a series of groundbreaking documentaries called the BBC Radio Ballads, broadcast on the BBC Home Service. They were masterpieces of radio, weaving the voices of rarely-heard communities with songs written from and about the recorded experiences of the interviewees.
    In 2006 a second series was recorded, written and produced by John Leonard and John Tams and was broadcast on BBC Radio 2. The new series, expertly created, featured specially composed songs and interviews with those affected by a variety of current social and political issues.
  1. Unprotected
  2. The Sum of What I am
  3. Hobo
  4. Superman
  5. The Day
  6. Sticks and Stones
  7. Fire Thief
  8. Come the Hour
  9. What Will I Tell
  10. Tablets
  11. Unprotected part II