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The City Wakes, the major multi-media festival of Syd Barrett, will include guided tours of Cambridge, by foot, minibus and motorbike, in homage to the psychedelic hero and founder of Pink Floyd, who lived most of his life in the city.

From Syd's birthplace, school and college, to venues he attended and played at, to locations featured in his songs, Cambridge boasts many places that are full of significance for Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd fans. The City Wakes' guided tours allow enthusiasts and the curious to make the most of this treasure trail, whilst also exploring Cambridge's city centre.

Led by professional city guides, and incorporating the anecdotes and memories of Syd's friends, the tours take in key sites throughout the city. Three tours are available, each covering a different area and using a different mode of transport.

Taking in the plethora of Syd Barrett- and Pink Floyd- related sites in Cambridge City Centre, the walking tour visits locations including The Regal, The Dot, Market Square, Millers Music and the notorious Criterion Pub.

Exploring the area to the East of Cambridge in which Syd Barrett and Roger Waters grew up, the mini-bus tour takes in sites including Syd's and Roger's former homes and schools and their friends' houses, with many  anecdotes to relate along the way.

You will also be able to take a tour of Syd Barrett- and Pink Floyd- related sites in Cambridge and the surrounding area on the back of a Harley Davidson. This tour includes many of the locations covered by the walking and mini-bus tours, as well as Granchester Meadows and destinations further outside Cambridge. A maximum of two bikes go out at once, with one person riding pillion on each bike. All necessary equipment (helmet, leathers etc) is provided.

The tours take place from Friday 24 October toSunday 2 November. During that period, many other Syd-tribute activities will be occuring around Cambridge, including concerts, art exhibitions, a play, a happening, talks, music workshops and more.

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