Corrugation Street

Corrugation Street is a project straight from the heart of Cambridge's homeless community. Working with a local artist over aperiod of ten week's a number of homeless people have taken theopportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about being homeless in Britain in 2008. Armed with a cardboard box, somematerials and some intense experiences, they have given a glimpse ofa side to modern life that most people don't see. Come and see foryourself what they have done and what they have to say.

Corrugation St @ Abbey Taxi Sunday 13th July 11am to 5pm

209Shorts - Audio acupuncture from over 60 sound artists, composers and
musicians .... Sound works of all kinds sharing just one thing in
common, they are all exactly 2 minutes and 9 seconds long.

209shorts are broadcast before every scheduled programme on 105FM 209radio
community radio for Cambridge -

Live Music in the Scout Hut Field - (weather permitting!)
Street Voices -

as part of the Cambridge Open Art Space Fringe

Abbey Taxi is based at :
38 Stanesfield Rd

C3 Bus from City Centre