The Moving Tone Sessions

Giving air to contemporary music composition

The Moving Tone Sessions

The Moving Tone Sessions are currently on hold because of lack of funding and two family bereavements. If you are interested in performing please do get in touch for an informal discussion. 

Where to send your music
If you would like to participate in the Moving Tone Sessions please send your CD and information to
Moving Tone Promotions Ltd, PO Box 899, Comberton, Cambs CB23 7WQ. We can also sell your CD online for you. Please contact us on 0771 241 4762 if you wish to discuss this.

Open Call for original works by composers ...... Moving Tone is making an open call for original works written by local composers of amateur and professional status. The Sessions provide a performance space for works which would include compositions performed by a small ensemble, a solo artist, or a small choir, and the exploration of sound-works of all kinds including electro-acoustic, sound art, and vocal theatre.

Composers and musicians who have already participated in the Moving Tone Sessions include:

  • Alex Hawkins (composer, improvisor, jazz, classical, piano, Oxford Improvisers Co-op)
  • Andreas Vlachos (guitar, classical, world music)
  • Anne L Ryan (vocalist, song composer, world, vocal theatre, early music)
  • Caroline Wright (composer, pianist)
  • Chela, the Cambridge Georgian Choir (choral, ancient polyphony in modern setting)
  • CoMA London Ensemble (Conductor: Gregory Rose) (Contemporary Music Making
    for Amateurs)
  • Daphna Sadeh & Voyagers (composer, improvisor, double bass, jazz, classical,
    world music)
  • David Grundy (composers, improvisor, Cambridge Free Improvisation Society)
  • Dom Lash (composer, improvisor, jazz, classical, double bass, Oxford Improvisers
  • Eric Roche (the late)(composer, guitar, fingerstyle, classical, jazz, folk)
  • Julian Landymore (improvisor, woodwind, jazz, classical)
  • Kevin Flanagan (composer, improvisor, woodwind, jazz, new music)
  • London Bulgarian Choir (choral, ancient polyphony in modern setting)
  • Malcolm Guite (composer, poet, singer-songwriter)
  • Martin Taylor (composer, improvisor, guitar, jazz)
  • Mifuni Tsuji (violin, new music)
  • Paul Jackson (pianist, new music)
  • Pete McPhail (composer, improvisor, woodwind, jazz, classical, Oxford Improvisers
  • Peter Shepherd (improvisor, piano, jazz)
  • Simon H Fell (composer, improvisor, double bass, jazz, classical)
  • Stuart Russell (composer, electro-acoustic, new music)
  • Styles J Kauphman (composer, improvisor, clarinet, voice, new music)