Dances of Universal Peace, Oxfordshire

Date: 3 Mar 2012 - 13:00
End Date: 3 Mar 2012 - 17:00
Event details:

Dances of Universal Peace: a powerful & joyful spiritual practice & experience, chanting while dancing in a circle. Ralph’s & Vitalija’s style is intense, deep into the heart - and yet light and humorous, supported with drum & guitar.

We love playing with polarities by offering a mix of fiery ecstatic dances, slow meditative flowing movements, joyful Jewish dances, harmony Hallelujas, Sufi zikrs, lots of partner dances - and adding harmonies (men and women singing different voices at the same time).

"The spiritual dance has no other purpose, no other aim than to elevate [hu]mankind beyond self-thought, to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace ... the sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony, and so, for universal peace..."

(Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)


Please bring some nibbles or finger food for the tea break) and loose clothing.

Times: 1-5pm

Cost: £15.- (if that's too much for you: please give as much as you can afford - we don't want to turn anyone away because of lack of money!)

Contact north Oxfordshire: Stella 01295 720096

Ticket info £15 (or whatever you can afford)
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Posted by Breeze Murdoch


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