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Veronica Henderson

Veronica Henderson studied music at St Catharine's College, Cambridge, and then specialised in th . . . more>>

Ralph Woodward

Ralph Woodward is the conductor of the Fairhaven Singers and Full Score, and director of NORVIS. . . . more>>

Peter Shepherd

jazz pianist

Peter Shepherd is a jazz musician who plays piano in a number of jazz bands in and around Cambrid . . . more>>

The Harris Quartet

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The Harris Quartet is an increasingly popular professional String Quartet based in Cambridge. As . . . more>>

Local Cambridgeshire Artist

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      Local artist working and operating in Cambridgeshire. If you would like to join our list, please see . . . more>>

      Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire

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          Visiting artist to Cambridgeshire. Please watch our listings for the next visit. . . . more>>

          Anne L Ryan

          Click here to read more about Anne L Ryan   more>>

          SHANNON LEAH

          Shannon is represented and promoted by her Father, Darren O'Leary. Any attempts to contact Sh . . . more>>

          Tim Christmas

          Cambridge based guitarist and teacher, Tim Christmas, performs a wide range of music - Spanish, Clas . . . more>>

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